Critical Mass Mildura

Critical Mass Rides Again

Press Release
Wednesday, 24 March 1999

Critical Mass, a worldwide movement promoting cycling, is riding again this Friday the 26th of March in Mildura.

The first Mildura Critical Mass ride in February was a success with about 20 riders cycling through the CBD before finishing and relaxing at the Rowing Club lawns. People of all ages came on the ride, including some who normally do not ride in the CBD alone due to safety reasons.

Critical Mass is not an organisation, and its meetings are actually co-incidences of cyclists meeting and riding together to raise community awareness of bikes and cyclists, to have fun, and to make contact with other local cyclists. Rides occur in over 100 cities worldwide and in over 10 in Australia.

This month the ride will continue to promote awareness of cycling issues among road users and bring cyclists together to discuss cycling in Sunraysia. After the ride there will be an opportunity for informal discussion about local cycling facilities. Issues such as road conditions, bike lane maintenance, bike lane widths, driver awareness and bike parking have been raised by local cyclists.

The ride starts at around 5pm at the Chaffey Fountain on the corner of 8th St and Deakin Ave at 5pm. All riders - even those with dusty, garaged bikes - are encouraged to come along. Council and local traffic authorities staff are also urged to attend!

Media Contact: Gary on 5022 3608